The Tomb of Saint Paisio

The tomb itself, is a place of pilgrimage for the thousands of believers , paying their respects to this contemporary […]


Meteora is a mountain range , formed by enormous sandstone rocks , that rise above a small town of Kalambaka, […]


Vergina is a small town in Macedonia , in the county of Emathia, which is  administratively subjected to the district […]


Amfipoli is an ancient city build in eastern Macedonia, on the banks of the river Strimonas, in the place of the […]


Mieza “Sacred Temple of the Nymphs” was the sacred space of the ancient Macedonia , where Aristotel was tutoring Alexander […]


Dion is a small village with huge historical significance, build in the valley of Mount Olympos. The time of the rule […]


The ancient city of Stageira , the birthplace of Aristotle, was destroyed by Philip II, but rebuilt by Alexander The […]

Thassos Island

In this Northern Aegean island, you will enjoy hospitality, amazing resorts, delicious local recipes in the villages and walks along […]

The city of Kavala

The amphitheatrical structure of the city itselve, and all its components , make Kavala a unique destination. Difficult to find […]