Mount Olympos

Mount Olympos is the highest mountain in Greece, known world-wide mostly because, according to mythology and ancient Greeks , it […]

The city of Katerini

Katerini is the capital of the county of Pieria , and it biggest city. It is one of the “youngest” […]


Between the Pagasetic gulf and Aegean sea , on the northeast side of the city of Volos, Pelion (Pilio) stands […]

Petralona cave

Petralona cave is situated about 1km east from the village of Petralona and 50km southeast of the city of Thessaloniki.The […]

Chalkidiki peninsula

“There is no place like Chalkidiki” , people from northern Greece would say. And they are not wrong.Be ready to […]


Metsovo stands on grand mountain range of Pindos, very near to “neck” of the area called Katara, which devides Pindos […]

Lake Kerkini- Ano Poroia

Kerkini lake is an important hydrobiotope, globaly renowned . Hunting is forbbiden. More then 300 species of birds populate this place. […]

Plastira Lake

The Plastira Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of mountain areas in Greece. It is situated in the county of […]

Edessa Waterfalls

Edessa, known as “city of waters” is a city in northern Greece and the capital of the Pella regional unit, in […]